• Our Big Move

    Our Big Move

    Lions & Tigers & Sleep Regression, Oh My!
    About Lauren

    Hi friends! I'm Lauren - the author, creator and new mama behind the blog. Being a new mom can completely change your world. My hope is to create a safe, inspiring and helpful space for new moms, experienced moms and every mom in between.

    Come join me in my unique journey into motherhood. Grab some coffee (or some wine) and hang out with us! Don't forget to say hello!


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    The New Nurse, New Mom Struggle
    The Next Chapter

    The Next Chapter

    Baby’s First Beach Trip: Tips, Tricks & Regrets!


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    Four Month Baby Update & Photoshoot!
    Life is a Zoo

    Life is a Zoo

    Mom Life is Hard


    Officially “Term”!
    Grateful, Thankful, Blessed
    The Big Three!

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