Summer Outdoor Toys for Toddlers

outdoor toys for toddlers

How’s the weather been lately for you? Here in North Carolina it’s been in the 90’s and pretty hot! We do have one beach vacation planned, but because of COVID we’ve been staying home most of the summer.

We have spending a lot of mornings and early evenings outside to try and avoid the heat. Or we’ve been playing with our water toys during midday! I wanted to share some outdoor toys for toddlers that we’ve been loving this summer!

outdoor toys for toddlers


Our cedar backyard playhouse from Walmart has been a huge hit this summer. It is definitely one of our favorite outdoor toys this summer! Brendan built a little deck for it to stand on so she wouldn’t get too muddy if it rains. He also added a little step so she could easily get onto the platform so it looks like a little deck! We love it and so does she!


Definitely a summer must have! We got this Target flower sprinkler from my sister in law and it’s been a huge hit. I’ve also heard good things about splash pads so we will probably try that next summer!

Sand + water table

Funny story with our current water table…it kind of just stumbled upon us. At our old rental home, the house was right next to a creek. Whenever it would rain there would be a ton of washed up toys from other people’s yards and they would end up in ours! This table happened to be one of them!

Of course we asked around but no one ever claimed it so we were fortunate enough to keep it! It’s one of Hadleigh’s favorite outdoor toys.

Kiddie pool

Oh how I wish we had a nice big pool in our backyard. But we do just fine with our little kiddie pool! Hadleigh loves to take the sand from her water table and pour it all into the pool 😂 Hey, as long as it keeps her occupied then I’m fine with it!

Outdoor picnic table

There’s nothing better than a nice outdoor picnic! I love this wooden table that comes with an umbrella so your little ones can enjoy a snack in the shade.

Gardening set

Hadleigh loves to help me water the outdoor plants. She also loved helping Brendan plant some sunflowers and pumpkins along our fence a few weeks ago. So, a gardening set has also been a great outdoor toddler toy!

Balance bike

Our Strider bike is something we use almost every evening after dinner. She is getting so good at it! I have heard that toddlers who use these balance bikes when they are younger learn how to ride bikes faster, so we will see!


You can never go wrong with a good bubble machine! Hadleigh loves to use her bubble machine with her sprinkler at the same time.

Baby doll stroller

Hadleigh is very into baby dolls right now. One of her favorite activities is to take them out for a walk with a little baby stroller. We got her a doll stroller for Christmas and it is still a great summer outdoor toy for toddlers.

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer so far! I know a lot of trips and plans are having to be cancelled, but we are trying to make the most of it. Let me know what summer activities or outdoor toys for toddlers you are loving lately!

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