15 Third Trimester Must Haves

third trimester must haves

I can’t believe I am already two weeks into my third trimester of my second pregnancy! I’ll admit the first half went by really slow, but man this second half has really flown by.

Being that this is my second pregnancy, I’ve been a little more prepared for the aches, emotions, and other sometimes bothersome symptoms. I also know the products and third trimester must haves to help relieve some of these symptoms. 

So for today’s post, I am going to share with you 15 third trimester must haves that I use religiously during this second pregnancy. I hope that this is helpful to you! And I would love to hear what your third trimester must haves are in the comments!

Pregnancy pillow

I did a poll over on my Instagram stories to see who uses a pregnancy pillow. I was shocked that the majority said they didn’t! Regardless, I am still a huge fan. It is recommended that starting at about 20 weeks pregnant women only sleep on their sides. My hips always start to ache if I’m not using a pregnancy pillow!

Exercise ball

Exercise balls are great for stretching – which is extremely important during the third trimester. They’re also good for doing some light exercises that prepare you for birth and for laboring. You can check out this video for a good 10-minute exercise ball workout!

Heating pad

I tend to get really bad lower back/tail bone pain during my pregnancies. So, having a heating pad is a huge must have for me. My midwife actually also recommended having one for post birth after-pains too.

Reflux + indigestion relief

Now, acid reflux and indigestion is a new symptom for me this pregnancy. I’ve been trying to make the switch to more natural products recently, so I’ve been using this Maty’s Acid Indegestion Relief syrup and it has worked wonders! I’m a huge fan of Maty’s products in general.

Pregnancy herbs + teas

Another thing I shared in my Instagram stories the other day was the herbal supplements my midwife recommended to me. I am a little low in iron and magnesium so I have started taking a supplements called Floradix. It has several different herbs that are highly concentrated in iron. I also started taking a magnesium complex supplement to help with leg cramping, as well as raspberry leaf capsules (to help strengthen the uterus for birth).

I also enjoy sipping raspberry leaf tea and dandelion tea (dandelion is also high in iron). Pregnant women are usually low in iron because our blood volume is increasing. Iron is essential for blood production – especially hemoglobin which carries oxygen to your body.

Essential oils + diffuser

So, I’m not an essential oil wiz but I do know that they have many benefits from relaxation, stress relief, better sleep and even pain relief. I highly recommend this diffuser and this essential oil starter kit if you’re new to using oils.

Bump oil + lotion

Stretch marks are actually hereditary, and I’m very blessed that I don’t have many of them (yet). But there are products you can use to help minimize them or help them fade. Plus, it’s always nice to treat yourself to a good moisturizer and body oil.

I received this bump oil by Promise in my Bump Box last month and I LOVE it. It smells so good, is meant for pregnancy and is all natural. I also use the Burt’s Bees Mama Butter.

Pregnancy books

Since we are having a home birth (you can read more about that decision here), I have been reading a lot about natural birthing. It has been such an eye opener for me (and my husband). If you’re looking into having a natural birth, or honestly, even if you’re not, these books are huge confidence boosters!

Maternity + nursing friendly bras

The only nursing bras I will ever need or use for this pregnancy and postpartum are from Kindred Bravely. So so soft and comfortable! I also like to wear bralettes from American Eagle.

Compression socks

Luckily I haven’t had any swelling yet this pregnancy. But I’m still only 30 weeks, so if this pregnancy is anything like my first, then I definitely will swell eventually! Compression socks are definitely one of my most recommended third trimester must haves to help with swelling!

Water bottle

It is recommended that pregnant women drink half of their body weight in ounces of water. That’s a lot of water! And if you are in your third trimester during summer like I am, then you might need even more. I highly recommend a good water bottle that keeps your water cold like this Yeti (my all time favorite brand).

Magnesium + Epsom salt

My chiropractor recommended these magnesium bath flakes to help with muscle aches and cramping. I mix these with some lavender Epsom salt 2-3 times per week in a nice hot bath.

I also recently received Leg Ease Cooling Spray in my last BumpBox delivery. It has magnesium which offers cramping and swelling relief. LOVE this stuff!

Maternity leggings + biker shorts

I am a huge fan of maternity leggings that provide some back support, especially since I have mild scoliosis and am always needing some extra support during pregnancy. But, we are in the thick of summer right now – so I am so stoked that they have come out with supportive maternity biker shorts! Best invention ever.

Massage roller

Last, but not least, you need this back massage roller! We were introduced to this during a birthing class we took with my first pregnancy. My husband uses this just about every night to soothe lower back pain. It is also very helpful if you have back labor.

There are ton of different products and recommendations out there for women in their third trimester. But these are all very tried and true third trimester must haves for me, personally! I hope this post was helpful! And good luck to all you mamas giving birth soon!

third trimester must haves

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