Hadleigh Turns Two!

Guys, I can’t believe I have a TWO year old!! It feels like yesterday that we were in Knoxville, bringing home our first baby girl. I can still remember the feeling of her as newborn snuggled up on my chest. So. Many. Tears!

She has always been a beautiful baby, but now, not only is she a beautiful little girl, she has such a beautiful soul. Hadliegh is extremely loving, affectionate and very spunky. The girl knows what she wants when she wants it…but maybe that’s just toddlerhood life lol! 

Her current favorite things are baby dolls…she is obsessed! And I am loving it, especially since she has a baby brother coming soon. She needs all the practice she can get! 

As you can see, she is all about the pancakes these days too. Which inspired me to make her birthday cake pancakes! Guys, you NEED to try this recipe. I basically followed the recipe from One Little Project. The only thing I did differently was omitted the extra sugar and used Pillsbury white funfetti cake mix. They turned out so delicious and Hadleigh loved them.

Now, things were a lot different when celebrating her birthday this year. For her first birthday we traveled to Maryland to celebrate with our families, but obviously because of COVID that couldn’t happen this year.

We made the most of it and set up a video chat conference with family to sing happy birthday. I wish I recorded it because Hadleigh was extremely overwhelmed and basically cried while I blew out her candles! Haha.

She eventually warmed up and once she tasted one of those pancakes the tears disappeared. 

After devouring all the pancakes, we headed over to the new house to show her her present! (We are still in the process of moving into our new home).

I love our new backyard, and thought a playhouse would be a great addition. Plus, we are still in the middle of painting our entire house so we needed something that would occupy her.

I am extremely pleased with this playhouse! I did a ton of research and this house got the best reviews for our budget. It’s made of cedar wood, has a little kitchen with a stove, sink and telephone. It also has the cutest little flower pot holders on the front. Highly recommend if you are on the hunt for a playhouse!

Hadleigh Jean has been such a light in our lives. Getting to know her these last two years has been such an honor and privilege. I thank God every single day for making me her mama. I love you baby girl.


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