Baby Essentials for 6-12 Months

baby essentials for ages 6-12 months

Have you ever realized how much the needs of your baby can change within months? They’re barely sitting up one minute, and then all of a sudden they’re walking and saying words. It truly is amazing to watch them learn and grow.

With the changing and growing that babies go through, come the changes of the products they use. Which is why I have create a list of 6-12 month baby essentials, toys and products my daughter used during that time frame. Many of these items she still uses at 13 months too 😊

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I have divided the list into 5 different categories of baby essentials including: feeding, sleep, health/safety, play and baby gear.

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Munchkin sippy cups

My daughter loves the cups with the straw. They have a weighted disk at the end of the straw so she can always get to the water without having to tilt the cup. The handles also make it easy for her to grasp.

Munchkin suction bowls + plates

These bowls and plates are nice because they suction to her high chair tray so she doesn’t still all her food on the ground (even though she still likes to pick up her food and drop it anyway 😂)

High chair floor mat

For when she does happen to drop her food on the ground, this has been a lifesaver. I was so tired of having to scrub the floors after every meal, but with this mat I can just shake it over the trash can, do a quick wipe down and it’s good to go!

It also works as a play mat, travels easily and it is waterproof.

Silicone bibs

One of my biggest baby essentials are these silicone bibs. We tried the Velcro polyester bibs and they did not last. We had to throw them in the washer frequently which resulted in the Velcro wearing off.

The silicone bibs are easy to clean and they have easy buttons that are secure so she can’t rip her bib off.

No spill snack container

My daughter is a huge snacker She eats pretty much all day long. So, these no spill snack containers are definitely one of the top baby essentials for us. She waddles around happy as a clam with her snacks!


Love to Dream + Halo sleep sack

We use both of these sleep sacks for my daughter.

I love the Love to Dream swaddle because it is nice and snug, lightweight and breathable. Perfect for warmer months. It also has removable sleeves so when your baby is finished with the swaddle stage you can take the sleeves off.

The Halo sleep sack is another favorite of ours. It’s very cozy and warm, perfect for colder months. You can also use it to swaddle or leave arms out.

Nuby calming tablets

These chamomile tablets are definitely a must have for my daughter, especially when she is teething. We give her 3 before bed and she absolutely loves them. They help her sleep through the night (in my opinion).

Munchkin sound machine + nightlight

I love this sound machine because it has a variety of different sounds including rain, white noise, heartbeat, ocean and lullaby’s. It also has a projector that reflects on the ceiling to keep your baby entertained or to help put them to sleep.

It automatically has a dim light when you plug the machine into the wall, but you can also adjust the light to a brighter setting.

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Health + safety

Baby gate

So, we tried the wooden baby gates you get from the store but they weren’t wide enough for our living/kitchen area. We got this extra wide baby gate from Amazon and it’s amazing!

I love the simple white style, which goes well with our decor. It also comes with a 4 inch or 12 inch extension kit.

Wall outlet plugins

This is definitely a baby essential that every household should have. These plugins prevent your baby from sticking their fingers into the outlet!

Bath mat

Once our daughter started standing, that’s all she wanted to do in the tub. She would have a couple moments when she would fall, so I invested in a non-slip bath mat to put in the tub. Game changer.

Amber necklace by Baltic Wonder

Great for teething pains! The gemstones on the necklace release a chemical that causes natural pain relief when it is heated by your baby’s body temperature.

I have definitely noticed a difference in the amount my daughter drools and her pain level while wearing this necklace.


You should start brushing your baby’s teeth once they start popping them! They make toothpaste specifically for babies or you could make your own DIY baby toothpaste.

Play time

Activity table by Leapfrog

When my daughter was first standing, this was definitely a frequently used toy. It helps strengthen your baby’s legs to prep them for walking. It includes fun songs and colorful buttons to push.

KidsKraft play kitchen

Not an essential, but a staple in our house. She loves to open all of my cabinets in our kitchen, so now she has her own cabinets and utensils she can play with.

Touch and feel baby books

One of her favorite types of books to read are the touch and feel books. They have a variety of animals and other subjects to choose from. These books can help develop their tactile senses.

Baby puzzles

These wooden puzzles are chunky and easy for my daughter to figure out. She LOVES puzzles. A great problem solving development toy!

Baby gear

Infantino baby carrier

There are tons of baby carriers out there, but we put this one on our registry and we have gotten a lot of use out of it. It’s easy to use and fits both my husband and myself. I absolutely love baby wearing, and she still fits in it!

Graco jogging stroller

We originally put the four leg regular Graco stroller on our registry but I quickly learned this wasn’t for us. I love the jogging stroller because its so much easier to maneuver and works better on rough terrain.

Booster seat + tray

When my daughter first started sitting we used this booster all the time. It comes with a detachable play tray. The tray can be used for eating or play time.

We got this as a gift, so if you’d like a cheaper version, this one looks great too.


I didn’t want a huge walker that had a million gadgets on it and took up the entire living room. So, we went with this simple walker and it worked great.

baby essentials for 6-12 months

I hope this list was helpful for you! What are some of your baby essentials for 6-12 months?


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