A Quirky Cottage Escape in Black Mountain, NC

black mountain

Black mountain holds a special place in my heart. It is where some of my first memories were made with my newborn baby. We had the blessing of joining Brendan on work trips in this gorgeous town in the beginning months of her life. I will always cherish all those baby snuggles and new mom feelings in the beautiful mountains.

Brendan called me on the way home from work last week and said he had news he thought I would be upset about. He just went on a work trip to Kentucky and was gone for two weeks, so he didn’t think I would be pleased with the news he had to head to the mountains for a couple of days.

But I was STOKED. Black Mountain is close enough that we could go with him and not get burnt out from the car ride. It is a quaint town right outside of Asheville, North Carolina. I actually think it has more charm than Asheville. It’s less crowded, has a beautiful downtown area with amazing restaurants, art, lots of good coffee and every where you turn you see mountains. What more could you want?

black mountain
black mountain

The cottage

We decided to book a house through Airbnb that was within a reasonable price. This Black Mountain cottage was the perfect home for a short getaway. It’s placed up on a hill surrounded by mountains you can view from the front porch while you sip your coffee.

The babe loved the window-style front door. She could see the outside and it kept the living area nice and bright. There was a big side yard area for her to play in as well.

But the best part about this cottage was the interior! It was decorated with such a unique style. I would call it rustic-industrial-artsy. Very different. The kitchen has an exposed brick wall that gave an almost European feel to it.

You could see the mountains from both bedrooms, which was another favorite part of mine. The bedrooms had a tin material as an accent wall which was also very interesting. I would definitely recommend staying here if you plan to visit Black Mountain!

The town + eats

Black Mountain has very small town feel to it. But it doesn’t feel “behind the times”. The town is lined with small shops and places to eat. You can experience the virtual tour by clicking here.

The local restaurants serve delicious food with local brews. Breweries are very popular in the Asheville area, so Black Mountain restaurants often serve local beverages.

Some of our favorite restaurants to eat at are My Father’s Pizza and Pasta. The Hawaiian pizza and greek salad are my go-to’s. Trailhead is another great place to eat and get drinks with outdoor seating overlooking the town. Definitely get a burger if you go here.

Hadleigh and I stopped off one morning at a local coffee shop called Dynamite Roasting Company. They have amazing fresh brewed coffee that they roast themselves. You can also buy their coffee to take home. However, they only have mocha and vanilla flavors but you don’t even need it the coffee is so good!

Quite possibly my favorite part of Black Mountain is Lake Tomahawk Park. It is a 0.55 mile loop around a lake that also has a playground, pool and tennis court. We came here to watch the sunrise and sunset and it just absolutely beautiful. Gorgeous mountains surround the lake including the Seven Sisters peaks. A breathtaking view.

black mountain
black mountain

Another place I recommend visiting if you make your way towards the Asheville or Black Mountain area is the North Carolina Arboretum. It is a short 30 minute drive from where we stayed in Black Mountain. It costs $14 for the entire day (park closes at 8:00pm) and it is worth every penny. Gorgeous flowers, plants and views. There is also a place to eat, shops and plenty of shaded areas to hang out.

I always look forward to going back to Black Mountain. It is one of my favorite places to visit. Have you ever been to Black Mountain or the Asheville area? What are your favorite things to do there?!

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