Binge-Worthy Podcasts

binge worthy podcasts

Binge-worthy podcasts. Lets talk about ’em.

I am very late to the podcast bandwagon, but I am definitely on it. I only started listening to them last summer while packing up our house for a big move. It was an amazing way to turn dreaded packing into a fun activity.

And now podcasts are my jam.

I listen to a wide variety of categories when it comes to podcasts, but I rounded up the six that I listen to the most and are total binge-worthy favorites.


binge-worthy podcasts

Category: Careers + Self-help

Summary: Rachel Hollis is my spirit animal. She is a strong, faithful, independent and just overall amazing person. Her podcast is filled with business tips, motivational pep talks, confidence boosters and life wisdom. If you are in search of a podcast that helps you gain self-confidence and motivation for you day, definitely listen to this one.

Rise Together

binge-worthy podcasts

Category: Relationships + Self-help

Summary: Another Hollis podcast, but with an additional member, Dave. This podcast is so good to listen to with your spouse. Rachel and Dave provide insight on how to help your relationship grow and thrive. I love how they are so open and honest with their past mistakes and struggles. They discuss topics such as navigating parenthood, intimacy and how to improve your lives as a couple.

Whine Down with Jana Kramer

Category: Relationships + Life

Summary: if you don’t know Jana Kramer, she is a country music artist, former One Tree Hill star and now she has a podcast with her husband Mike. I give her and Mike so much respect because they open up about very tough subjects such as divorce, cheating, sex addiction, body image, parenting struggles, etc. Pretty much nothing is off limits. I love the raw and realness so much. Definitely a favorite.

Up and Vanished

Category: True crime

Summary: Up and Vanished was the first podcast I ever listened to and I am obsessed. I am a scary movie and thriller buff so this show is right up my ally. The show is hosted by Payne Lindsey who has now tackled two cold case investigations including Tara Grimstead of Georgia and Krystal Reisinger of Colorado. Because of Lindsey’s hard work and determination to discover what happened to these two missing women, new light has been shed on the cases and even arrests have happened. It’s SO addicting guys!

The Goal Digger Podcast with Jenna Kutcher

Category: Management + Marketing + Self-help

Summary: If you are a woman who dreams of turning her passions into a business I highly recommend this podcast. Jenna Kutcher started her 6-figure career with a 300 hundred dollar camera and is now thriving in the influencer world. She has so many helpful tips and gives you so much encouragement to navigate your dreams and turn them into reality. She interviews other successful women, provides insight to her own business and shares raw, heartfelt, personal stories. Another amazing podcast you should listen to!

Dave Ramsey Podcast

Category: Finance

Summary: I know, I know. You’re thinking…really? You enjoy listening to people talk about money? But y’all, it’s so much more than that. It’s about faith, hope, self-control and becoming a better person with money and life in general. I used to be so ignorant about my finances but listening to Dave has taught me SO MUCH and he is very easy to listen to. Plus he’s hilarious so that always helps!

I’m always on the hunt for more great podcasts, so drop your current favorites in the comments!

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  1. Jenny
    April 17, 2019 / 1:06 pm

    These are all great! I also love Raising the Bar, Lavindaire Lifestyle, Seanwes and The Creative Legacy Podcast

    • laurashelighblog
      April 18, 2019 / 12:50 pm

      ooo awesome I will have to check those out!

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