10 Fun Spring Activities for Families

fun spring things to do
fun spring activities

Spring has FINALLY sprung here in the Piedmont Triad of North Carolina. Thank goodness! We took advantage of the nice weather last weekend to visit downtown Thomasville. I always drive by the area and have been seeing lots of pretty cherry blossoms, so I added it to my list of fun spring activities!

The town also just has a lot of character and charm. It’s kind of run down with it’s abandoned furniture warehouses and it doesn’t have a lot of businesses on the strip. But, it falls right next to the train tracks and has a beautiful aesthetic.

Inspired by the warm weather and blooming flowers, I decided to make a list of some fun spring activities I would love to do here. Especially since it will be our first spring season living in this area.

I thought I would share all of the fun spring activities we plan to do with you lovely people! I will also link some places I am interested in going to in case you are in the area too 😊

fun spring activities

Visit a farm

There are so many farms near us that I want to visit here! One that caught my eye was The Smith Hollow Farm. This place looks like so much fun. It is family owned and has 20+ acres. They have livestock to look at, horseback riding and pretty views. I think seeing all the baby animals that are born in the spring would be fun for my 10 month old daughter.

Go to farmers market

I am obsessed with farmers markets! I love the vibe, the crafts and the food! It is so important to support our local farmers too. One that I am super excited to check out is the Piedmont Triad Farmers Market. I’ve heard such great things about it and it looks HUGE!

Have a picnic

Take all of the goods you got at the Farmers Market and go have a picnic somewhere! Some parks that I love to go to around here are Oak Hallow Park in High Point and Lake Thom-a-Lex Park in Lexington. Both have pretty lakes, seating areas and playgrounds.

Go hiking

One of our favorite activities to do is hike. We’ve only had the chance to hike once this year but are excited to get out more this Spring. Check out my post about our hike at Hanging Rock. Such a pretty and easy hike to do with kids or a baby.

Thrift shop

Everyone tends to clear out everything in their house during spring cleaning. Especially since this new Marie Kondo trend has been going around. This is a great time to check out thrift shops and see if anyone’s purging can be to your benefit!

Visit botanical garden and/or arboretum

My husband and I tend to sniff out all of the arboretums and botanical gardens when we move or visit other places. There’s something magical about walking through all of the newly bloomed trees and flowers. We went to the Greensboro Arboretum in the fall and it was beautiful then, so I can’t imagine how beautiful it will be this spring.

Go to the zoo

Another fun activity to do with kids. We took Hadleigh to the Knoxville Zoo when we lived there but she was only about 4 months old and didn’t even know what an animal was 😂 Now that she is almost one I think it’ll be more fun to take her this spring.

Check out wineries/breweries

I love a good winery or brewery. Especially when there is outdoor seating. Our engagement pictures were actually at a winery in Maryland! Some wineries I want to check out in this area are Weathervane Winery and Stonefield Cellars Winery.

Go to an outdoor concert

Hit two birds with one stone by visiting a winery that is also having a band play. There are also a ton of country concerts in this area that I would love to attend. Reminds me of sweet summertime.

Attend festivals

With St. Patrick’s day coming up there are sure to be some festivals and events going on in your local downtown area. One that we want to attend is the Kegs and Eggs in Winston-Salem where they will be serving green beer and a breakfast plate for $12! Greensboro also is having St. Patrick’s Day in the Park which is a free event that has live music and performances.

fun spring activities
fun spring activities

I would love to hear what you all plan to do this spring!

Thanks for reading!


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