Stay at Home Mom and Baby Daily Routine

mom and baby routine

Getting into a solid stay at home mom and baby routine with my daughter took several months to establish. I have a type “B” personality. I pretty much go with the flow with a lot of things in life. However, I still like to be organized and have a plan for our day, especially since I am staying home with my baby most days (I work weekends).

Planning out our daily tasks makes life easier. However, I have a sweet 10 month old who does not see eye-to-eye with me when it comes to schedules. She lives her life at her own pace on her own time (much like her mama).

I have spent countless hours on the internet searching how to put your baby on a schedule. I have read several books, articles and different blog posts from moms explaining how putting their baby on a schedule completely saved their lives.

We have tried everything under the sun to get my daughter to nap in her crib on a consistent schedule. We tried Baby Wise, CIO method, relaxed CIO, literally everything!

It’s been a trial and error process that has been going on for months now. On a good day, she will sleep maybe 30 minutes in her crib.

I have tried every method to get this girl on a schedule and it just does not work for her. The end result is just going with the flow. If she will only sleep on me that day, then that is what we do.

I would rather have her nap on me than not at all. I am blessed she at least sleeps through the night in her crib without me!

All of this is to say that if you are mom struggling to get your baby on a schedule or to nap in her crib, you are not alone! I tried so long to get my baby to nap at the same time everyday in her crib and it was just unrealistic for us.

I think schedules are great if you can implement them. Some babies function better on a set schedule. If you are a mom who is blessed with a baby who loves schedules and their crib then that is awesome and I am totally jealous.

But, if you are a mom like me who has a baby that rejects the idea of a set schedule then this post is for you.

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stay at home mom and baby daily routine

Even though my daughter doesn’t fall asleep at the same exact time and place every day, she does get tired around the same times. I am aware of the general times she falls tired and hungry, which helps me set up a general mom and baby routine for our days.

I say routine and not a schedule. Routines are activities that you do every day, sort of like a habit, but aren’t necessarily planned for a certain time. A schedule is something that is planned out and is time oriented.

My daughter and I have formed a daily routine, but it doesn’t always happen at the same time every single day. I recognize her cues when she is tired and hungry and go from there.

stay at home mom and baby daily routine

Stay at home mom and baby daily routine

Below is an outline of our daily routine (with some general times – which are not always the same every day).

6:00am: Brendan (my husband) and Hadleigh get up for the day. He feeds her some solid food (usually a banana) and they hang out for an hour.

7:00am: Brendan brings Hadleigh to our bed. I nurse her while Brendan gets ready for work.

7:15am: I make some coffee and breakfast while Hadleigh plays. We usually video chat a grandparent in the morning since we don’t live near family.

8:30am: Hadleigh starts to get sleepy. I usually let her sleep on me during her morning nap. I check emails, pay bills or make grocery lists on my phone while she sleeps.

9:30am: I give Hadleigh a 4oz bottle and let her eat it while watching “Word Party” while I get ready for the day.

10:00am-12:00pm: We run errands or try to get out of the house somewhere. Or we take pictures for the blog! I give Hadleigh multiple snacks and usually another bottle.

12:30pm: Hadleigh normally takes a short 30 minute nap in the early afternoon. This will either be in the car on the way home from an errand or in her crib (if I’m lucky) I take this time to write or edit pictures.

1:30pm: When she wakes up I nurse her and then we play with her toys and read.

3:00pm: Depending on how her previous naps went, she will sometimes take a third nap in her crib or on me.

3:30pm: If the weather allows, we take a walk/jog around the neighborhood in the stroller. If it is raining, I will do a home workout while she plays and drinks a bottle.

5:00pm: We call Brendan to see if he is going to be home on time. I cook while she eats some solid foods in her highchair.

6:00pm: We eat dinner. Then Brendan gives Hadleigh a bath and feeds her a bottle before bed.

6:30pm: The only thing that is fairly consistent is when she goes to bed. After her bottle, Brendan puts her in her crib awake and she puts herself to sleep. (Thank goodness!) I clean up dinner and all of Hadleigh’s toys. Then Brendan and I enjoy a couple of hours together before bed!

mom and baby daily routine

Staying home with my baby is true gift. However, getting into a stay at home mom and baby routine can take some time. I hope this helps and gives you some peace of mind if your baby is like mine. You can still map out your day without a rigid schedule!

Just recognize your baby’s cues and take note of the general times of day they need to sleep and eat. And just be flexible! Not every baby is the same, and babies don’t act the same every day. Part of this mom thing is learning how to just roll with it! 😉 Do your babies like schedules?

stay at home mom and baby routine

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