Changing Table Organization

changing table organization

The changing table area is my favorite spot in Hadleigh’s nursery. My husband made the table and the peg board by hand, so it’s pretty special to us. I found the DIY peg board and changing table idea from Pinterest. I love the rustic-farmhouse look for home decor so this was perfect!

We only have a small dresser in her room because the changing table is so large. I didn’t want to cram a large dresser in her room since the space isn’t that big. So, instead of a dresser I opted to use the changing table shelves to organize her clothing and store some other baby necessities.

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All of the storage bins and baskets you see are from Target. For the first shelf I picked out gray and white striped bins. Initially I was going to get the cubed bins that are usually folded when you buy them, but they wouldn’t fit in the shelves so I had to purchase the short bins. These three gray striped bins store her frequently used pants, onesies and pajamas (I linked a similar pattern since the website doesn’t have my exact ones).

To store her clothes I fold them in half and roll them so I can place them side-by-side. This way I am able to visualize her clothing and pick them out more easily.

The bottom shelves are white and a shimmery silver. These three striped shimmery bins store her shoes, bibs/washcloths and socks. The larger bin on the bottom is used for extra diapers and wipes.

The gray baskets are from Hobby Lobby and came in a 3-pack of different sizes. We keep the larger one in the corner by the changing pad to store diapers. This little area also holds wipes and her most frequently used products. The teddy bear soap dispenser is actually used for hand sanitizer.

We keep the other two baskets on the peg board shelf. These hold her medicines/vitamins and her brushes/extra pacifiers. I love the pegboard because you can switch up the decor on the board so easily and you can add more shelves for more storage if needed.

This isn’t really part of the changing table, but I got this hanging rack from a local thrift shop and thought it would be great for hanging all of her bows and some hats. This is hung on the wall right next to the pegboard.

All of the decor on the pegboard is from Hobby Lobby last year! I hope this gave you mamas some ideas for organizing your changing table! I would love to see some of your changing stations too!

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