Favorite Baby Girl Clothing Stores + Small Shops

I love having a baby girl. It is SO much fun dressing her up. She has somehow acquired more clothes in her short 8 months of life than I have in my 27 years. Partly from gifts…but also partly because I have found so many cute small shops!

But it isn’t just small shops that sell cute baby clothes. I have found that some big brand stores sell pretty adorable girl stuff too. I have put together a list of the stores and some of my favorite pieces I have gotten for her. I linked other cute pieces if I couldn’t find something she owns. Everything except maybe a thing or two is affordable because this mama is on a budget and I can’t be spending hundreds of dollars on something she will wear twice 🤷‍♀️

Sandpiper Clothing & Lifestyle



Baby Bling Bows   – a little pricey for bows but they are worth it. Very comfy, durable and fit through all stages

Walmart  – surprisingly has cute clothes! And obviously affordable!

TJ Maxx – I am always raiding their baby section…very high quality baby clothes for SO cheap

Target – I have TONS of pieces from here. They always have a really good clearance section!

Hope this is helpful for all you girl moms. Happy shopping!

P.S – to view clothing item: right click the hyperlink and open in new tab 🙂


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