Backyard Bonfire

This weekend was finally COLD you guys! I shouldn’t say finally because I wasn’t looking forward to it. The 60 degree weather we’ve been having here in NC has been such a tease. I’m so ready for spring, and flowers, and hikes and green!

But, since it’s going to be cold for a couple of months longer, why not make some fun out of it? And by fun I mean enjoying our new fire pit in the backyard, sipping hot tea and taking lots of pictures 😁

My in-laws got us this fire pit for Brendan’s birthday. Such a great gift. We actually had one of these back in Knoxville but couldn’t fit it in our vehicle when we were moving so we had to leave it! I was so bummed. But very thankful we get a new AND improved one! I love the country star theme. It’s actually in a lot of the decor in our kitchen. It gives such rustic-farmhouse-y vibes, which I love.

Hadleigh, of course, was mesmerized by the glowing flames and the crackling of the burning branches. BUT not as mesmerized as she was by the cats chasing each other in the yard. The cats go NUTS when we are outside with them. It’s pretty cute.

Winter storm, Gia, just barely missed us. We only got yucky sleet and rain. It started to sleet after about 30 minutes of starting the fire, so we decided to move under the deck. This ended up being a nice spot since it was close to the creek. Listening to the running water was so tranquil.

This is another reason why I love portable fire pits. As much as I would enjoy a built-in stone fire pit in my future home, you can’t beat the convenience of being able to move your fire wherever ya want.

The only thing we were missing was s’mores! That’s okay, there is always next time. We hope everyone stayed safe during the storm!


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