Enjoying a Snow Day

I’ll be honest…I am not a huge snow fan. There, I said it! I’m really just not a winter fan in general. I would much rather enjoy a hot summer day than a dreary, gray winter day. With that said, there is something beautiful about snow. The way it falls on the tree branches and your front lawn turns into a monochromatic art scene. I do like to look at it. I couldn’t believe that we got hit with winter storm, Diego here in the triad of NC. Our family back in Maryland laughed at us, since my goal in life has been to get away from the cold. It just seems to follow me wherever I go! However, I was thankful Brendan got to work from home Monday. It kind of felt like we all had a day off from school 😁

I will admit my husband and I were pretty jealous watching all of the family’s play in the snow. The dads on four-wheeler’s pulling the mom and kids in a sled tied to the back. The neighborhood kids having a blast sledding and building snowmen. Our little 7 month old isn’t quite big enough to enjoy too much snow, but the little we did expose to her, she seemed to enjoy.

And while we all aren’t huge fans of cold weather like my husband, we decided to embrace the snow…and of course all of the cuddles!

Hadleigh’s first reaction to snow was pretty much like how it is with anything. First, she gets a blank stare and confused look on her face, then she gets excited and starts kicking her feet. Then the smiles and the giggles come (the best part). Isn’t it crazy how babies don’t seem to be affected by discomfort, like 28 degree weather? Maybe that’s just my baby LOL but I was ready to go inside after 5 minutes while she was having a good ole’ time. We watched dad shovel for a few and Hads got to feel the ice cold snow melt on her tongue. The next day was quite a bit warmer and we took a longer walk around the neighborhood. Getting some fresh air always helps with a cooped up mama and fussy baby. 

Everyone knows that when it snows you have to snuggle up to a fireplace and sip hot cocoa. Well, we don’t have a fireplace but of course we indulged in LOTS of coffee and hot chocolate. The Netflix fireplace sufficed. 

Luckily, we had some leftover cookie dough in the freezer from when my mom was in town last week. So, we got to enjoy some of that yumminess as well. I love to cook, but I’m not quite an expert at baking, and I definitely have not come up with any of my own cookie recipes. But this is a tried and true cookie recipe that I make when I have that urge – which I had quite often while pregnant last winter 😆

Before the storm hit us, Brendan, Hadleigh and I went to our local public library. I highly recommend doing this if you’re on a budget! I used to waste SO much money on buying books. Discovering free local libraries has pretty much changed my life LOL. But for real. They basically have every book you could want. Anyways…we spent a lot of time snuggling on the couch and reading instead of watching hours of TV. Winter is always my reading season. These books are my current favorites. 

Our house is finally coming together. We are just about all unpacked and everything is hung up on the walls. But we (Brendan) took some of this down time to kind of just organize things a bit more. We also did some home workouts by BodyFit by Amy. Her workouts are amazing! I did a lot of them while I was pregnant, but they are good for all the non-pregnant people out there too. Brendan and I are still sore.

Well, it was a fun couple of snow days for all! We can’t wait for Hadleigh to experience the outdoor fun of snow, but we definitely aren’t rushing her to grow up any faster than she already is! 




  1. Charlie Basham
    December 13, 2018 / 12:52 am

    I love this! Actually I enjoy reading all your blogs…you’re very good at doing that type of thing!
    Love you lots!

  2. December 14, 2018 / 2:31 am

    So cute! I hate winter too but I was secretly jealous of the snow you got because of YOUR INCREDIBLE PHOTOS.

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