Diaper Bag Essentials 0-6 Months

When I was pregnant I read and watched so many posts and videos about all of the essentials moms need to carry in their diaper bag. Now that I’ve been at this mom thing for a while, I thought it would be fun to share my must have baby items I bring in my diaper bag.

If you find yourself scrambling to figure out what to carry in your diaper bag, keep reading for my list of diaper bag essentials for babies 0-6 months old. And let me know your favorite things to pack in your diaper bag!

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diaper bag essentials

I’ll start off with a little review of my diaper bag before I list what I put in it. I added this Land Diaper Bag to my baby registry when I was pregnant. I saw a lot of moms carrying this bag before having my daughter, so I thought I would try it out.

The first quality I like about the bag is it comes in so many colors – neutrals, brights, patterns. There’s an option for everyone’s style. I got the denim color so my husband could rock it too without feeling too girly.

It’s waterproof, which is also a huge plus. Some of the expensive diaper bags have expensive material, so you don’t want to get those wet. It can also be cleaned easily if you have any spills. Just take a warm rag and some soup to it.

This bag also has SO MANY pockets and is very spacious. I tend to pack a lot when I’m going out with my daughter (first time mom life), and I still have plenty of room.

Lastly, and the best thing about it, it’s only 30 bucks on Amazon! You can end up dropping quite a few dollars on a nice diaper bag, but I think this one from Amazon is the best bang for your buck.

Okay, now back to what I put in this lovely bag…

diaper bag essentials

Diaper bag essentials

  • SnoofyBee changing pad – easy to clean & allows you to attach toys to occupy baby while changing them
  • Blanket especially now that it’s winter, doesn’t hurt to bring a blanket. I like these muslin blankets – they can also double as a spit up rag or changing towel
  • Diapers & baby wipesI usually back about 3 diapers – our favorite brand right now is the Up & Up brand from target. We are still going through wipes we got from our baby shower!-
  • Burp clothes – usually at least 2
  • Car seat cover/nursing cover – I love this nursing cover because you can use it for nursing in public or put it over your car seat. It also comes in a sac which I also use for putting dirty clothes or diapers
  • Bib – my baby goes through about 3-4 bibs a day! Mostly because she drools so much when she teethes. My favorites are muslin bibs
  • Clorox wipes
  • Diaper cream – my favorite is the Boudreaux’s Butt Paste and the Deep Steep diaper cream
  • Pacifier wipes – I use these baking soda wipes to wipe all her toys she drops on the ground
  • Extra clothes – my baby is the blowout queen. Also, now that it’s winter I always keep a hat and extra socks too
  • Baby thermometer – you never know!
  • Calming/teething tablets – I love these all natural tablets by Nuby. They have natural soothing chamomile and dissolve on the tongue. They help with fussiness or teething pains.
  • Baby orajel – I like this baby orajel – it is benzocaine free and seems to work well for her
  • Toys
  • Baby brush
  • Stain removal pen – now that she is eating solids, this Dreft removal pen really comes in handy – but I actually like using it for my own clothes too. It works great
  • Bottle/formula – I breastfeed, but I always bring some formula with me just in case. I have a lot of samples I got from when I was pregnant so I use those
  • Nipple butter – I love this all natural lanolin free nipple butter by Cora
  • Mommy needs – I always have an extra chapstick and hair tie for myself
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diaper bag essentials
diaper bag essentials
diaper bag essentials

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