Hadleigh is 6 Months

I will probably say this with every baby update, but I cannot believe our Hadleigh girl is already 6 months old. Well, technically now she is 6.5 months old (insert crying emoji). A lot has changed since her last update. I’m going to share everything about her sleep, eating, play, size and whatever else I think of! Hope y’all enjoy 🙂



If you read my post a few weeks ago about sleep regression, then you know we haven’t had the best experience with Hadleigh’s sleep. If you haven’t read it, you can catch up to speed here. Soon after writing that post, I decided we were desperate and needed to find a solution. I could tell she wasn’t getting enough sleep because she would have bags under her eyes during the day and get cranky quickly. Once we moved into our new home, we started our own version of “cry it out”. We realized that going in and checking on her every few minutes was not working. One night we decided to just let her cry (within reason) and she eventually fell asleep. The longest she has cried is probably 20 minutes. The last few nights she has fallen asleep without crying! I feed her a bottle (so she isn’t falling asleep on the breast), rock her and then put her in her crib. I discovered the trick is to automatically put her right on her tummy instead of her back, which seems to work a lot better for her. For the last few nights she has only woken up once or twice. She still is napping on me, so that will be my next battle.


I’m not going to lie, Hadleigh is not a huge fan of big girl food. I always pictured feeding my baby adult food for the first time and her smiling and opening her mouth for more. This has not been the case for us. She has tried a variety of different foods. I’ve tried pureeing and spoon feeding, and I have also tried “baby led weaning”. BLW is when you cook a piece of food and let the baby grasp it and feed herself. She isn’t a fan of either. She normally has a look of disgust on her face with her cute scrunchy nose and puffed out cheeks. I still feed her adult food once or twice a day. She’ll catch on soon enough.

I am still breastfeeding! I can’t help but be proud of myself for making it this far. My goal is one year. I have been giving her formula with oatmeal or rice cereal at night thinking it will help her sleep better. I also add in probiotic drops to her nighttime bottle. I don’t really keep track of how often she eats during the day, I just pay attention to her cues.


This little chunk has hit all sorts of milestones! She started sitting up on her own at 5 months. She rolls from back to belly and vice versa. She can also go from her belly to a sitting position. We promoted her to the bathtub instead of the sink for bathing. She is obsessed with the water, it’s the cutest. She is SO CLOSE to crawling!! She can get up on all fours and she does this rocking thing and pushes up with her feet. She hasn’t quite gotten down syncing her arms and legs together to create a crawl, but it’ll probably happen any day now. She is starting to learn what kisses are. If you ask for a kiss and pucker your lips she will open up her mouth and lunge for your face. So stinkin’ cute. Last, but not least, her belly laughs give me LIFE! I spend most of days trying anything and everything just to hear those baby giggles. Is there really anything better?



I need to get this chick a drum set. She LOVES banging her toys around. I’m guessing she is fascinated with the noise? I don’t know but it’s kind of scary, LOL. I am praying to the Gods she doesn’t end up with a hitting problem.

We got her a bouncer a little while back. She will tolerate it for a bit but she isn’t the biggest fan. Such a bummer! BUT she is loving her new walker my dad and stepmom got her a week ago. Oddly enough she bounces more than she walks in it but whatever floats her boat. It comes with toys, a tray attachment and folds up easily. My number one favorite thing about it is that it isn’t one of those huge walkers that has a play gym on top of it and is about the size of an entire living room. Our house is tiny, so the smaller the better. I will probably make a post about my favorite 3-6 month baby toys and products I have been loving soon 🙂

Other activities she loves are staring at herself in the mirror, playing with the kitties (aka trying to pull off their fur), being tickled and going outside. She also loves pulling mommy’s hair, playing with daddy’s beard and kisses…don’t let that picture above fool you!



So I just took her to the pediatrician last week. There was so much going on with her being a new patient, when they took her to get her weight and length I was filling out paperwork and they didn’t tell me the results! Ugh. But, I did weigh her on my scale. She is 16.4 lbs. Not sure what percentile she’s in, but she’s still got some rolls so I think she’s okay. She is in a size 2 diaper (barely) and wears 6 month clothing with the occasional 6-9 depending on the brand.


Hadleigh Jean is quite the feisty little babe! For the most part she is a happy baby. But when she isn’t happy, she is NOT happy. She will scream louder than a siren, no joke. She does not like to be bored, so you better give her a toy she hasn’t seen in a while or take her outside. She will get stir crazy if you sit her one spot too long. My favorite thing about her is that she loves people! Anytime I take her to run errands with me she just smiles at every stranger. It makes my heart melt.

How is my little baby already half a year old? It’s so hard to believe! Staying at home with her the last couple of months has had it’s difficulties but I wouldn’t trade these moments for the world. I am loving every second of snuggles, tears and laughter.


And the adventure continues.


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    So so sweet and beautiful!!!💖

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