Adjusting to Wifehood.

With all of the exciting newness happening in my life, the one journey I have looked forward to the most has been becoming a wife. So, I thought it would be appropriate for my first post to be about my ongoing adjustment to becoming Mrs. Stepek.

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They say that the first year of marriage is the hardest. It’s a time of discovering aspects about your partner you didn’t know before, especially if you took the traditional route like we did and waited until marriage to share the same roof. While I already knew that Brendan was a super organized, money conscious, type A personality who is very grounded, I didn’t know that he talks in his sleep almost every night, always keeps his shoes semi-hidden under the bed or prefers the rough textured toilet paper. And I’m sure Brendan already knew that I am a dreamer who pretends like I have more money than I do, am a little less organized, type B personality who occasionally needs to be brought back down to earth. But he probably didn’t know I leave empty eggshells in the carton, hate when other people do my laundry and sometimes I just need to be alone with my thoughts. It’s only been 4 months of marriage, and we will probably never fully learn every single thing about each other, but that’s what makes life exciting.

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And while there are small things I have discovered about Brendan, there are other aspects about him that I already knew, but he continues to reinforce. For example, I already knew Brendan was a very selfless and caring person, and he continues to prove me right. After a long shift at the hospital I am always greeted with a big smile, a long hug and dinner made for me. Even when I’m grumpy, tired and I swear that nothing can fix my mood except my bed, he proves me wrong every day by giving me that same smile and somehow I forget that I just had to stand for the majority of 12 hours while feeling like I’m going to vomit for 8 of them (thanks little baby). My point is, of course there are pet peeves that I’m sure we both have about each other, and there will be a lot of moments that are far from perfect, but I can still hold onto those reasons why I married Brendan in the first place. And those reasons are why I am not afraid to go through huge life changes, because I know I have someone who will guide and support me during every transition. I am still young, naive and have no business giving out marriage advice, but one thing I will say is that if you can find someone who makes you forget in the first 10 seconds of seeing them that you just had blood, poop and sputum going every which way for the last 12 hours…you got yourself a keeper.

stepek portrait-431We’ve had to make a lot of adjustments in such a small amount of time: adjusting to new jobs, a new zip code, new pets, and living with a new person (and soon to be persons). I wouldn’t want to go through all of these life changes with anyone else.


And the adventure continues.


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